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  The Spiritual Fellowship Journal:  Though the journal will no longer be published, selected articles may be published on this website in the future.


For an archive of the Spiritual Fellowship Journal, go to Archive-Articles


The journals and articles are in pdf format:

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 The Spiritual Fellowship

Heart of the Mountains Retreat

The heart of the Mountains Retreat is sponsored by the Southeastern Urantia Book Readership

 Information about the 2012 retreat will be                       added to this website early in 2012.

The Spiritual Fellowship Is Dissolved


Though The Spiritual Fellowship was dissolved as a 501c3 organization, this website will continue for a few years as an archive of the TSF documents and for purposes such as advertising Heart of the Mountains retreats and other events, articles, etc.  The set of videos, Jesus: The Women in His Life, is now complete. Other videos may be forthcoming.  This website may also carry news about the Urantian community if such is received from Urantian friends.  Other content is planned and will appear periodically.

The Board also voted to donate any remaining funds to The Urantia Historical Society, which is also a 501c3 non-profit organization as required by the IRS rules.

The end of The Spiritual Fellowship is not a failure; a failure is a situation in which no lessons are learned or benefits derived.  Others may look at the approach TSF took and modify their approach accordingly.  The manuals developed for TSF may be useful in the future to another organization.

Some questions we can ask ourselves are these: Was it too early in the evolution of the Urantian community for fellowships?  Was it not promoted strongly enough?  Is there too much of an anti-organization bias within the Urantian community for this to work?  Are Christian churches adequately fulfilling the needs of Urantians who seek a spiritual community where they can worship and serve together?  All of the above?  None of the above?

But still the question remains: Will Urantians ever worship and serve together more than they do now within the Urantian community?  The answers are blowing in the wind.   DickBain