The Spiritual Fellowship

Irene, Dick Bain and Meredith having a laugh in 200?.

Paul Herrick, Meredith, and Dick Bain; Paul and Dick were students of Meredith at IIT.           

Irene and Meredith at our Florida home.

Irene and Meredith in serious discussion with someone.

Irene, Jim Mills, and Meredith at our Florida home

Meredith speaking at the first Snowmass conference-1981.

Meredith and Irene at yet another conference in 1983.

Dr. Meredith Sprunger Photo Album

Meredith, Irene, and Dick Bain at Snowmass conference in 1981

Meredith, Irene, & Mike Bain at YMCA of the Rockies IC02 conference.

Meredith & Irene chatting with a group at a conference.

Meredith speaking to the Oklahoma Society-1971